Florijana FI9 Olten Event

Charitable Work

In my free time, I am happy to volunteer for two great non-profit-organization. 

My own charitable organization I founded with Hedvig Lindahl called "The One Goal": Our mission at The One Goal is to work locally and internationally to raise funds from the women’s game which we will put back by donating to help organizations that are using sports as a method to help people and their communities. Our goal is to encourage and support future generations to give them more of a chance to reach their dreams not only in their chosen sport but also in their life goals. Check out all information on www.theonegoal.org. 

Regularly I support the non-profit-organization "FI9 - Florijana Ismaili" in Switzerland, a wonderful organization and amazing people behind it. It was a dream of swiss national player Florijana Ismaili, who unfortunately left this world to early, and her friends made her dream become true: supporting young girls playing football and more. Check out their page on www.florijana.com.

It is wonderful to be a part of such amazing journeys.